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Volunteer Placement Areas:
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Volunteer Fees

~The need to pay a fee to secure volunteering in Kenya~
It is a humble request and a pre requisit for Volunteers to contribute a participatory fees to assist in sustaining and supporting the ongoing local programs and projects, to enhance success and achieve the goals within the set time frame. Any fees paid enables us to directly contribute to the local community as we support the necessities of your volunteer placement including the following:
1: Your daily meals
2: Accommodation.
3: Orientation
4: Local movements
5: Supervision…etc.

Airport Pick-up at JKIA:
We organize for meet and greet services upon your arrival at the airport by our on-ground cordinatorsou will then be transferred to your hotel for further orientation or as agreed during the correspondence.

General Orientation:
It is very important to beware of your environment and what to expect in your pre-planned program. We take the initiative to explain further and demonstrate what is involved and the challenges to expect,(if any..). This Includes vital pre-departure briefing, local community lifestyle, standard of living and how to stay with them.
Transportation to the project/ or Resource center:
Unless on a special request or organised group, we use local shared buses for transportation of volunteers to the village resource center and project points to commence charity work.
Accommodations Facilities:
We carefully select host family connecting you to the culture and social, economic and political events in the community and country. You are provided with three meals a day and you will be flexible to intervene and assist in cooking/food preparation etc.

Volunteer Placement Planning:
Right from the first e-mail to the last hand-shake at the airport on your departure date, we ensure satisfaction and value for your effort and endeavour to participate with us. We will make sure you achieve your goals as you lend a hand in Africa. This is done through a professional cordination ,planning and one on one guidence by our project supervisors on the ground.

Certificate of Completion/Participation: You will be provided with a certificate showing your participation with us and a recommendation letter as an appreciation for having chosen to volunteering with us.
Farewell: Is arranged on the last day either at the host family, School, or at the Community resouce center as a way of appreciating your time and ability to give to the community in need. It is a day of exchanging gifts and celebrate for having successfully worked with people you didn't know before.

  • International Airfare
  • Local Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Necessary Vaccinations
  • Incurred Medical Bill
  • Leisure activities and tours


  • Cost for two weeks US$ 520
  • Cost for three weeks US$ 635
  • Cost for one Month US$ 740
  • Cost for five weeks US$ 840
  • Cost for six weeks US$ 960
  •  Cost for seven weeks US$ 1055
  • Cost for two Months US$ 1165
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