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Kisumu Placement Opportunity

Kisumu is a bustling, dynamic city and is home to the Luo tribe. The Kisumu Project was founded in 2011 and runs throught the year. Each volunteer splits their tie between placements; one formal placement in a primary school and one non-formal placement working with street children. This gives volunteers the chance to experience a wider range of organisations and to be in contact with children and young people from varied backgrounds and social circumstances.
We have pilot projects running in Obunga and Nyalenda slum, where we have underprivileged and orphaned children.

orphan centre

volunteer education

The volunteers taking part in this project live in home-stay accommodation, located in Nyalenda informal settlement or Migosi, on the outskirts of Kisumu town centre.
Depending on where volunteers live all placements are accessible either by walking or taking a short bicycle taxi (known locally as a boda-boda) or via a 20 minute mini-bus/tuc-tuc journey. Volunteers living at rural home-stays live 30 minutes by mini-bus from town.
Traditional Kenyan food (such as beans, rice, stew, chapatti and ugali) is the norm on the Kisumu project. Volunteers are expected to help prepare food, in particular when living with a family. This is a unique opportunity to gain a real insight into Luo life as food plays a prominent role in Kenyan culture.

volunteer teaching

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The volunteers on the Kisumu Project are ‘Education and Youth Support Volunteers’. This role, due to the varied nature of the placements can be widely interpreted and volunteers have the scope to make it their own.In the schools, the volunteer role is an Educator Assistant. In practice, the role involves:

In practice this may mean:

  • assisting staff in the planning and delivery of lessons in school, mainly focusing on English, maths and science
  • taking small groups of children who are struggling out of lessons to provide intensive support
  • initiating extra-curricular activities such as sports, music or drama
  • assisting in initiatives such as library schemes, debating competitions, sports clubs etc
  • linking placements with other organisations and NGOs to support youth welfare as well as incorporating this into the delivery of youth issues lessons
  • encouraging peer mentoring where possible
  • establishing revision classes, games, dances and sports with small groups
  • using creative means to get the young people thinking about their life choices.
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