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Masai Mara Placement Opportunities

Become a volunteer in Kenya and work in a school in Masai Mara called Oloolaimutia primary school  in the heart of Masai Mara supporting local teachers in crowded classrooms. Children in Masai Mara attend school for an average of 9 years and 85% of girls do not complete their education, for various cultural practices and financial reasons. This project is aiming to help the children from this Masai community with improved educational opportunities and other key aspects of rural Kenyan life.

It supports schools, promotes health and safety, refurbishes community buildings and it helps to bring diversity to children’s lives. On this amazing project you will have the space to not only grapple with issues of poverty, illness and education but to work through them with the very people who are living these experiences.

Volunteer Teaching:
Get a chance to help teaching in a primary school called Oloolaimutia in Masai mara. Its is a mixed day school that serves this Masai community living only 3 minutes drive to the most famous entrace gate to Masai Mara game reserve
You may be involved in:
• Class group work support
• reading or revision with the children.
• arts and sports activities

Migration Safari Highlights:
~4 Days or more in Masai Mara
~Accommodation is in semi-luxury tents
~A chance to visit Masai village
~Encounter the Big Five animals
~Witness the 8th wonder of the world
~Meet the famed iconic African tribe: Masai
~See the rare and endangered species of animals

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Water and Sanitation project:
Masai community succumb to water related diseases due to drinking the unsafe non-treated water from seasonal rivers due to lack of awareness or lack of proper means to store and treat water for domestic use.
-Participate in establishing water storage facilities in Oloolaimutia village and join the campaigns and workshops in training the local people in treating the unasfe water.
-Water tanks are required to to be isntalled in Public schools,Halls,Health facilities and Social Centers around this region.
Volunteer in Health/Internship:
Help Promote good health and bright future for the Masai tribe, by participating in initiative that can encourage eradication of wildebeests housefly related diseases which lead to parmanent blindness of most of the children living in this region. As the wildebeests migrate from Serengeti into Kenya, they come along with stubborn flies that breed and multiply in cow dung within Masai Manyatta. They finally find their way to the foods and faces of the children here which infects them.
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