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Why Volunteer with Aim:
yOne of the most vital tools for success in an individual’s life is impacting life skills for a positive change and a transformation…more
Sponsor a Child:
By sponsoring a child, you assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to...more
Volunteer Placement Areas:
While working at these project locations, volunteers encounter natural and scenic beauties of these places along...more
Volunteer Holiday & Safaris:
Take advantage of effort towards charity, join affordable budget safari after or before your volunteer work with…more

Volunteer Placements Available

Volunteers help local organizations to achieve their goals in serving the needy communities and help to reduce the cost of  running the local programs by participating charitably, assisting the local personnels/staffs in the various local support Projects for the vulnerable,as well  as lending  through their material donations and   finacial support.We work together  to empower Communities, educate and lift  orphaned and the vulnerable children out of poverty.
We facilitate the provision  of Respite Program in children’s Care Centers and foster the most vulnerable and neglected children;children living with HIV/AIDS,Children affected by violence,Children remaining as heads of their families/homes or Children living with poor  and old   parents who adopt them.
Volunteer Teaching

Health Internship

Volunteer with Children
v. children
Volunteer in Hiv/Aids Program
Community Sustainable Projects
sus pro
Environmental Conservation


-This program is to equipe people who are enthusiastic with skills and built capacity,to contribute in developing and changing the world with the least resource at their exposure.

-You will become aware of the social demand of the developing society and make comparison with your country’s, to utilise the opportunity and the resources at your exposure reasonably.

In this way,you will identify your mistakes, learn to save and preserve the dignity of your environment.You will have achieved personal development...

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