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Why Volunteer with Aim:
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Sponsor a Child:
By sponsoring a child, you assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to...more
Volunteer Placement Areas:
While working at these project locations, volunteers encounter natural and scenic beauties of these places along...more
Volunteer Holiday & Safaris:
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Reasons to Volunteer With Access Aid Mission

Access Aid Mission(AIM), has had a history of success in handling over 2,000 volunteers since 2008,who have made trips to Kenya  to explore the local life styles and cultures, and make a positive impact  by lending a hand in the various child rehabilitation2fields of  programs and projects including: Child care, Health, Education, Environment , Water/Sanitation and construction of local schools and toilets.

Volunteer services have proven to be so rewarding to  the local communities,in poor villages and slum areas as volunteers have partcipated with the local people in helping them to support their own initiatives and not  just give hand outs.

We share a Vision with the Volunteer community and ensure that all the programs are tailored to meet the basic requirements of the intended people in need.

AIM ensures that we meet  the expectations of both the volunteers and  the people we serve.Therefore,a volunteer would always  receive evaluation reports on the projects they support to assess  quality  service delivery.

We help to build capacilty of Volunteers through our local volunteer workshops convened during volunteers participation, so that at the end of the exercise they feel more empowered,appreciated and rewarded

Just the way you hug the world as a volunteer with your faithful arms, so will the world do the same to you!!
By the end of your generous work with us, you would have:

  • Expanded your social network that will live forever as long as you say in touch.
  • Learnt to rise to the occasion whenever necessary
  • Improved  a personal approach to solve problems with self confidence
  • Discovered your hidden unrealized talents and skills
  • Become competitive and develop resourceful life skills
  • Exchanged ideas, improved your knowledge and understood the world better.
  • Garnered a certificate of participation to enrich your academic background and improved the chances for consideration in various humaniterian fields.
  • Once you've taken the volunteer job, you will feel that your efforts are accomplishing something, that your talents are appreciated by the people whom you work so much the better their lives!
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