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Why Volunteer with Aim:
yOne of the most vital tools for success in an individual’s life is impacting life skills for a positive change and a transformation…more
Sponsor a Child:
By sponsoring a child, you assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to...more
Volunteer Placement Areas:
While working at these project locations, volunteers encounter natural and scenic beauties of these places along...more
Volunteer Holiday & Safaris:
Take advantage of effort towards charity, join affordable budget safari after or before your volunteer work with…more

Volunteer Teaching

Volunteer in Schools/Education
Local primary public schools offer basic education in specific subject areas which are languages,sciences and arts.
-We do placement for Volunteer teachers  to help alongside the local staff in teaching the children in the defined subject areas.Most local public  schools are either unders-resourced or  understaffed, but in most cases have both problems.

-There is guide-line to use and one opting to volunteer in this program will have to work within the syllabus as has been stipulated by the Kenya Ministry of Education.A volunteer mentor alongside local teachers will  always take time to guide volunteer teachers  ahead of their actve involvement in the voluntary teaching service.

-A  volunteer teacher  will have options to choose on subject areas that he or she will be most comfortable to teach.These are English,Mathematics,Sciences,Social studies(Geography) and,or participate with children in extra-curriculum activities like sports and arts.

-Volunteer work in schools also involve training girls on life skills and understanding their adolescent changes,girl child empowerment and running workshops on Gender based violence 

Volunteer Fees

~The need to pay a fee to secure volunteering in Kenya~
It is a humble request and a pre requisit for Volunteers to contribute a participatory fees to assist in sustaining and supporting the ongoing local programs and projects, to enhance success and achieve the goals within the set time frame. Any fees paid enables us to directly contribute to the local community as we support the necessities of your volunteer placement including the following:
1: Your daily meals
2: Accommodation.
3: Orientation
4: Local movements
5: Supervision…etc.

Airport Pick-up at JKIA:
We organize for meet and greet services upon your arrival at the airport by our on-ground cordinatorsou will then be transferred to your hotel for further orientation or as agreed during the correspondence.

General Orientation:
It is very important to beware of your environment and what to expect in your pre-planned program. We take the initiative to explain further and demonstrate what is involved and the challenges to expect,(if any..). This Includes vital pre-departure briefing, local community lifestyle, standard of living and how to stay with them...read more



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