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Uzima Children & Community Center

childrenm at the orphanage

-Uzima children center is in the heart of Abimbo village in Western Nyanza.It was initiated in 2006 to offer support for the orphaned and the vulnerable children in the surrounding villages.Here,there are children from broken families who are abused and tortured by this act of seperation.Some children have suffered physical violence,are stigmatized and feel secluded.

-Currently,more than forty children are directly supported by the Uzima children Support project.

-Some orphaned children live with elderly people who cannot afford to feed them regularly and therefore these children end up looking for food on their own.This encourage child labour and abuse which is rampant in the children headed homes(families).Since some infected children take ARVs,this pathetic situation become dangerous to their lives and they die prematurely.

Volunteer responsibilities at Uzima Children Center:

1: Teaching orphans and the vulnerable children:

You can volunteer in teaching the children how to read,write and learn numbers.Only basic skills which target children under the age of 6 years and below will be reqired.Other things they are taught are sounds,simple sentence construction in English,Alphabets and vowels.Every volunteer teacher would receive a guide book ahead of the teaching exercise.

2: Helping to feed the children

Volunteer in helping to cook and feed the children at the support center.Children are fed on well balanced diet to make them grow healthily in mind and body.Volunteers would be guided by the matron on duty on steps to follow.

3: Playing with Children

Children need love,care and entertainment.Support the children’s development skills by donating toys and reaching out to teach them children’s games and sports.Show your love,sing along,crack jokes and run around with the children.

4: Home visits and preparing children for school

Some children who live with elderly or physically challenged people usually turn up late for the daily routine at the Care Center and must always be picked from their host families in the morning.Before they leave, volunteers help to prepare them for school.This include cleaning them and dressing them.

5: Child counselling and protection

Children who have experienced violence at home or abuse in the society feel scared and fear to be within the reach of people.They suffer trauma and need to be relieved of the pain of rejection.Some children have seen their parents engage in physical conflict.Uzima support center therefore provides a respite place to ease their agony.They need care,love and thorough counselling to overcome all the pressure.

Some children are born with the Hiv/Aids and appear dull,secluded and dormant.Many times,they are stigmaized and rejected by those who know their status.Some parents don’t expect their children to be playing together with the infected ones.With volunteer intervention,people from rural communities are gradually understanding the nature of Hiv/AIDS and its spread.

6: Talent search and development

This involves talent search and development.Children are very interesting and one would easily identify a talent in a child by simply studying him/her play out in the fields with the others.Therefore,Uzima is a developing center as an Academy where children would learn all kinds of sports and improve their performances....


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