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Volunteer in Hiv/Aids Programs

A new survey by the National Aids and STI Control Program(NASCOP) shows that 5.6 percent of adults in Kenya,an estimated number of 1.2 million people live with Hiv/Aids.

The suvey which was carried out among the ages of 15 and 64 years old also ndicated that more women were infected with the Hiv/Aids than men.The prevalence among the women stand at 6.9 percent while that among the men is at 4.4 percent.

The 8 provinces in kenya has various prevalence rates  with Nyanza province having the highest  prevalence of people  living with Hiv/Aids at 15.1 percent which is 3 times the National prevalence at 5.6 percent.

Despite the intervention by the Kenya Government  and other Civil Society Organizations on the Hiv/Aids pandemic,the disease is still on the rise with more infection affecting the industrious youthful age.

This intern negatively affects the gross domestic production which leads to negative economic growth.

To effectively deal with the Hiv/Aids menace,there is urgent& need for more expansive knowledge to control,manage and help to prevent more infections and re-infections,as well as providind sustainable support to the people who are already affected and infected by the deadly virus.

As a volunteer,this is the best opportunity to provide service at the Hiv/Aids support centers and at the clinics attended by the Hiv/Aids infected people.

You will  work alongside the Community based organizations to provide couselling to the patients,doing Hiv testing services and helping to fill their referal forms.

Other volunteer opportunities in this program will be;to work in the Home based care program in the community; to facitate behaviour change communication;

to volunteer in the field of prevention of mother to child transmission(PMCT)..

Ojectives of Hiv/Aids volunteer program:
-to create a net work between the volunteer communities and the local beneficiaries, and inculcate voluteering capacity to target the most affected areas.
-To create awareness and deeper understanding on the challenges faced by the victims of Hiv/Aids prevalence and offer volunteer support in the vulnerable communities.
-To engage  agents who  come to impact with sustainable preventive measures to avoid more infection,and also support the infected and affected people.
-To avail information on negative socio-economic impact Hiv/Aids has on the vulnerable communities and create sustaible support programs in the Hiv prevalence areas.

People who can volunteer in this program:
The Hiv/Aids volunteer program requires people with open mind,passion and love for the patients.Anybody who is tolerant of other people’s culture and can communicate to get more information(there would always be a translater).Most importantly,you would be very helpful as a community mobilizer and event organizer with the help of the local volunteer community based groups.Those with skills on guidance and couselling;Hiv/Aids testing,communty health,food /nutrition(antiretriviral therapy) and sustainable sicio-economic projects are of great benefit to this program.

Major roles of volunteers in this program:
-Provide care and support for the children with Hiv/Aids at the children support centers and carry out home visits in the affected community of the People Living with Hiv/Aids(PLWHA).
-impact with educative workshops,trainings and awareness on the dangers of Hiv re-infection and campaign on preventive ways to avoid new infections,fight out Stigma and support orphans and the vulnerable children and infected adults.

Program monitoring/evaluation(to know your volunteering impact on the ground):
A volunteer will easily count on his/her success by taking statistics on the number of people who openly speak about their status.More successful Hiv/Aids program would register more people who volunteer to go for Hiv/Aids testing and formation of strong support centers of People Living with Hiv/Aids(PLWHA).In schools,you will be able to register discussion groups formation and creation of Anti-Aids Clubs.

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