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Environmental Conservation Program.

volunteer environmental

Environmental challenges result from both human and natural interference.The adversities caused by these challenges have been blamed to fuel global warming and poor climatic conditions in the entire world ecosystem.Therefore environmental concern is an international campaign that people from all walks of life should participate in.

Land degradation due to circumstances of soil erosion,mass wasting and land slides can all be blamed on some human activities due to ignorance or neglegence.For example,livestock overstocking and crossing contours while ploughing on raised grounds encourage massive soil erosion.Improper disposal of non biodegradable waste materials like polythen,glass and metals,all lead to environmental untidiness.

Deforestations acts have threatened the thriving of natural forests and killed sources of water bodies like rivers.Coupled with water pollution as a result of poisonous wastes flowing into habitats of fishes like lakes,ponds and dams,certain species of fishes,birds,rodents and insects have become extinct.This calls for intensification of environmental conservation awareness to save the acological system.

Volunteer roles                 

Volunteers on this program work alongside the local conservationists / change agents to impact with new ideas on:

- soil erosion control by planting trees to reclaim waste lands,and at community reserves or along the river banks.

-create awareness on the size of livestock to keep.

-Discourage poison fishing to save aquatic life.

-Distribute garbage collection bins for non biodegradable waste materials in schools,churches and at social centers.

Objectives of the program

-To save the dignity of ecological system and improve co-existence.

-To curb global warming by discouraging improper disposal practices like burning dangerous materials with unfriendly emissions.

-To engage students and post graduates of environmental studies to understand the concepts of bio-diversity.

-To create awareness and campaign on the ways of saving the eco-ecosystem in the developing world.....



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