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Economic Empowerment

Sustainable Development
This  is an opportunity for  undergraduate and postgraduate students studying development to explore the practical processes of positive sustainable development in the third world.This program helps one to develop practical skills to setting priorities to development agenda and become a positive change agent in Community development for economic capacity building.

Hiv/Aids prevalence in Western Kenya has claimed and rendered the most industrious age in the rural population less productive.Coupled with illiteracy and lack of information,locally available resources have been under utilized and lie potentially without a better process of mobilization to increase gross domestic production to improve the economy of the rural residents.

Most families still have no access to clean water provision for domestic consumption and waterborn related diseases are common.Over reliance on unpredictable rainfall has led to poor crop harvest every year leading to  starvation.This requires alternative means(irrigation) to susbstitute reliance on irregular climatic conditions.

Development in Africa and other developing countries has been a concern in the whole world.Challenges brought about by negative politics  of ethnicity,poor economy,diseases,tribal clashes,harsh climatic conditions and over-reliance on donor-aid from the West and corruption, have encouraged poverty in the third world,without a substitute of sustainable solutions to the root causes of these problems.

People have been internally displaced in their own countries while others have become refugees in other countries,living in refugee support camps. Floods,landslides,droughts and plagues have taken center stage as threats to people’s lives.Alternative solutions are possible when the world unite for good course.

Objectives of sustainable development program:
-To create a network between the volunteers and the needy communities for ease of collaboration and  in sustainable development process.
-To impact with practical skills to development that  give immediate result.
-To eradicate poverty by  providing sustainable solutions to community economic development.
-To engage skilled work by agents of change to identify and mobilize,the locally available resources  and implement  to empower the rural  economy of the vulnerable community.

How will a volunteer benefit from this program:
-Students and post graduates will have first hand information and skilled practical work on development in African countries.

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