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Healthcare Internship/ Hospitals

Medical/Health Program

Working in medical program offers opportiunity for volunteers to discover the levels of health problems and to become familiar with the challenges faced by the patients in the developing world.There are various health facilities initiated by the Government and other Cilvil Society Organizations(CSOs).These could be Marternity clinics,Children clinics,PLWHA support healthcarecenters,Voluntary Hiv Testing centers,Patients’ Wards,Village Dispensaries,etc.

-Volunteers in the medical/health care program work within these local health facilities to support the understaffed local health facilities in their work.Volunteerwork in these health institutions include consultation to treatment depending on medical knowledge,work experience and skills to handle health issues.At any given time of a volunteer work,you will work in a given community healthcare center.

Responsibility of Medical/Healthcare Volunteers

1: Help with taking records of in and out-patients.  2: Doing ward rounds. 3: Conducting medical check-ups. 4: Performing surgeries(minor or major).  5: Distributing food/medicine to the in-patients. 6: Helping with First-Aid and recommending medical attention/treatment  7: Cleaning wounds,changing bandages and observing injuries.  8: Provide education on health,food and nutrition.
-Volunteer classes required in this program include,students of science or medicine,pharmacists,medical doctors,nurses,nutritionists or general social workers.You can come as an individual volunteer or a group.

Objectives of the Program

-To form a network between the volunteer and the local communites for sustainable health care services.

-To offer medical volunteer support to the understaffed local healthcare centers.

health volunteers2-To improve the healthcare services within the underpriviledged rural communities.

-To provide the rural overwhelming population,along the beaches,slums and underdeveloped urban centers with sustaible access to medical attention.

-To provide the medical/health volunteers with first hand information and practical work on medical service delivery with minimum resources available in the developing world.

Volunteer benefits in this program

-The medical/healthcare volunteer work gives qualified students practical capacity and work experience in preparartion of their work ahead.

-With the minimum or no resource at all available in the local health facilities in the developing world,the medical volunteers become tolerant of making hard decisions and fast in thinking to plan on emergencies.This improves your reaction to urgent medical issues to save lives,for example during terrible accidents,or in the casualty wings.health volunteers

-You will have built your CV and created links to the needy world for help,find a job to do and feel proud of saving lives.

-You will be awarded with certificate of participation and recognition on your work which will boost your CV for any job opportunity in the developing world/any area of hardship.

-So here is the best opportunity to put your knowledge to practice.

Program duration:This program duration runs all year round and application is open.


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