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Volunteer With Children

Children program in the orphanages/Day care centers

Volunteer work in the children program require a lot of patience,open mind,willing heart,love and tolerance.Volunteers in this program would always work in the orphan centers,day care centers or Community schools for the orphans and the vulnerable Children.Your work as a volunteer would entirely depend on the needs at the Children Center of your placement,but also,on a volunteers skills and experience in handling children.

Day Care centers and Orphanages always aim to provide Orphans and the Vulnerable Children(OVCs) with safe environment where physical and emotional security is guaranteed;quality education at early childhood development stage,access to proper healthcare and standard nutrition with well balanced diet.

Most volunteers who have been to this program have found it heart feeling,touching and desirable.

Objectives of the Program

-To provide volunteers with opportunity to offer moral support and enhance the art of cross cultural tolerance among the underpriviledged children at the orphan centers.

-To promote volunteer sustainable access to healthcare for the OVCs in the rural villages/slums.

-To promote social awareness,tolerance and love among the children from different poor backgrounds to live as a family.

Volunteer responsibility

-As a volunteer,you will help the children to learn simple words and construction of sentences in English.

-You will also help them in doing assignment/homework,learn how to count numbers,draw diagrams and identify shapes and colours.

-Other volunteer responsibility include helping the childrent to use the toilet properly,dress well and distribute food during meal times.

-Some children suffer trauma after they have been rescued from harsh guardians and need to be counselled and curdled.You will have time to study children and help to identify those with serious psychological/emotional problems.

-participate in children health check program and establish a report to be filed.

How a volunteer would benefit from the program

-Volunteering with the children opens ones mind to learn their needs and have a practical experience with the children.

-You will feel more rewarded to hug the vulnerable society of children and your knowledge will expand on what you need to prepare if at all one day you will be in a position of being in charge of children...


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