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The donation of material resource/money is used to support the vulnerable children who stay and learn at the support center where they are provided with ECDE, pre-primaryPrograms and even later when they proceed to the primary levels .These children need proper education,healthy feeding and good clothing.

Education:your generous donation of shoes ,uniforms,books and pens, support children from our Care Center, who proceed with their education to the primary levels every year.Many children could be forced out of school,without this support, due to lack of school uniform and proper writing materials.The support needed at their primary level of education is extra and goes for the next 8 years, and not catered for by their 3 year sponsorship program at the Care Center.While they proceed to primary education,they are under our Care givers who do follow up and trace their perfomance report,and file them at the Care Center.

After every school day,they gather together with the children at the center for provision of basic requirements and social security.

The children who do not have proper accomodation at home,stay a the Care Center on our Respite Program.

Every year,a child needs :

- Two pairs of shorts for uniform.

-A Pair of Shirts(uniform).

-Two pairs of socks(uniform).

-Two pairs of pull-over(uniform).

-Two pairs of black leather shoes.

-A dozen of writing books.

-A dozen of cryons and pensils.


Challenge Africa(CA)

CA is a Charity that works in partnership with AIM to support the vulnerable children at Uzima Support Center in the Western Kenya Community..

Government of Kenya/Ministry(District level)

The Ministry of Education,Health and the Children’s Department


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