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Get Involved (Participation)

We invite the participation of volunteers from all over the world to Kenya.

There are no specific consideration in terms of professionalism, though, one must meet the standards for volunteering.

There will be orientations on ways of local life and time to learn and tolerate the local cultures of Kenya.

You must be ready to meet the cost of your chosen program to volunteer on and play a potential role to realize positivity.

though we are not strict to invite only professionals, we are concerned and keen to accept only serious/potential volunteers and professionals.

Volunteer Requirements

A day in The Life Of  A Volunteer:
On a working day,volunteers wake up in the morning and have their breakfast before leaving for their volunteer placement.

Our staff will provide transportation to and from your volunteer placement where you will work for about Four hours then break for lunch.Those who volunteer  with children in Schools or at the Children Care Centers, and will not need to be transported,will resume work for Two hours more after lunch,or will be guided.

The evenings are always  filled with exciting discussions on local issues and visiting local places of interest as well as learning the local culture and customs.Evening meals are so delicious and enjoyable,and so take advantage of the cooking tradition to enjoy the  authentic food provided by Host family/Our  Staff Cooks.

The evenings and Weekends are always free times,to relax or explore the local area,Volunteers often travel to other  parts of the country at Weekends and the local staff who are all from the local area will give recommendations.

The Activities You will be Doing/Responsibility:
-Volunteers will always be the guardians for the children,you will play with them,defend them,protect them but not spoil them, for you will show them the right thing to do.
-While you will be on placement,you be required to register any substandard measure on child care and make a report for discussion on observation during your service delivery.
-Though there is enough security,you will be required to take care of your valuables and lock up the door to your room while sleeping at night or when you go out during the day,unless asked otherwise  by a staff.
-Volunteers are required to budget and prepare their own meals but if this would  be impossible for some people,you would be helped  to hire a cook.
-Volunteers will be expected to do cleaning of their hostels,living rooms,kitchen and wash their own cloths.If  one would not be in a position to do this,you will be helped to hire someone to help you in doing the cleaning.
-Long termVolunteers  are expected to arrange on a day to assesse their living conditions/surrounding and engage in a special cleaning exercise to encourage healthy environment.
-Volunteers who can drive themselves can carry international driving licence to take advantage of using   the Organization vehicle on their short errands.
-A volunteer will be responsible for his/her actions and will be expected to observe law and order,everywhere.A volunteer mentor will always guide you but will not protect you against any misconduct.
Facilities to use at the Community Hostels
-Basic hostel-room with double deck beds and a modern kitchen.
-Kerosene lamps at night,spot lights,chargable solar lamps.
-A modern gas cooker for food preparation.
-Bore hole water fixed hand pump
-Basic pit latrines for long/short calls.
-Basic bath rooms without showers but with plenty of water.

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