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Who We are

We work together ,to make positive difference .We are consultative,effective and result based.

Access Aid Mission (AIM) is a non profit making, non political and non partisan community Based Entity, registered under the certificate No. OP 218/051/2007/0423/4857, based in Western Kenya. Aim was formed to address the community’s basic needs that include food security, education, community health and entrepreneurial initiatives in Kenya.

Our Staff


Edwin Ogillo:- Director     Norbert Aketch:- Programs' manager      Charity Onyango:- Health Department

We provide skills for self sustainable initiatives with a goal to achieving a community’s social-economic development for the basic needs self reliance. The success to meet the goals within our working host community, majorly depend on a few factors that follow:


AIM creates space for participatory program where community stakeholders are instrumental in finding the root cause of their problems and lasting solution for their own sustainability.

2. Approaches

AIM develops methodology from the people’s opinion in consultative workshops held within their rural communities to avoid imposing ideas that seem foreign to their society background. We mould any suggestive idea with modern skills for improved results.

3. Volunteering

To make positive difference, AIM, rely in the contribution through the volunteers network, both locally and internationally. These are either students volunteers who come for internship or volunteer social workers on a community development projects.

Our Vision

A socio-economically inspired society with informed work force in a decent environment.

Our Mission

To enquire, identify and intervene on the potential issues that nurture skills for life (generate young professionals) for a self sustainable and reliable society.

Our Values

Participation and Team work

We consult and work together ,sharing ideas and combining efforts to give the best that our energies can provide.

Exchange Programmes

We make enquires, borrow ideas and learn from the institutions,societies or individuals at home and abroad as we also offer the skills that can best transform poor systems into socio-economic building powers.


We ensure that we observe a quality service provision to AIM'S interests and inculcate traits of skilled voluntering within individuals.


Every resource made use of must result in equal measure.We are sensitive on our expenditure and are responsible and answerable to the community we serve and our donors.

Output focus

We are keen to suggest only the most suitable and quality, transformative disciplines to deliver to the needy society.

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