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Why Volunteer with Aim:
yOne of the most vital tools for success in an individual’s life is impacting life skills for a positive change and a transformation…more
Sponsor a Child:
By sponsoring a child, you assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to...more
Volunteer Placement Areas:
While working at these project locations, volunteers encounter natural and scenic beauties of these places along...more
Volunteer Holiday & Safaris:
Take advantage of effort towards charity, join affordable budget safari after or before your volunteer work with…more

Volunteer Holiday and Safari

Make a Meaningful Travel:
Your effort  towards charity is a reward to shape the global destiny and empower your volunteering ability....meet cultures and challenge nature of the other side of the world!

AIM  volunteer program is open to all volunteers from all walks of life across the world.You may not be a professional on any field but you are still equally important to the local vulnerable children by committig your volunteer spirit,love and support for the OVCs(Orphans and the Vulnerable Children).

Your travel will be rewarding to both you and the community you serve as you come face to face with the challenges met by the local people.Therefore, you will have enough time to experience various  unique cultures,train to become tolerant and through  proper orientation, acquire enough skills ahead of your volunteering service,more especially on a field that you are not conversant with or if this could be  your  first time to volunteer and lack experience.This in turn builds your capacity and increase your capability to fulfill volunteer demand in the local voluteer programs,now and in the future.

A unique adventure of its kind to the lands of the Masai tribe. You will get the opportunity to  abundant wild game within a very short time.The advantage with Masai Mara is its small size and the high number of wild life...more

Migration Safari Highlights:
~4 Days or more in Masai Mara

~Accommodation is in semi-luxury tents

~A chance to visit Masai village

~Encounter the Big Five animals

~Witness the 8th wonder of the world

~Meet the famed iconic African tribe: Masai

~See the rare and endangered species of animals

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This is a 2-Week Program designed with the concept of volunteer work, cultural immersion and game-viewing. You will meet local people as you volunteer and impact other people’s lives positively...more

Visit the legendary and mythical sites with fascinating tales and have a chance to interact with the locals to learn more about their culture including the crying stone of western Kenya. This cultural trip of Kenya's hidden treasures …more

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