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Why Volunteer with Aim:
yOne of the most vital tools for success in an individual’s life is impacting life skills for a positive change and a transformation…more
Sponsor a Child:
By sponsoring a child, you assist in their personal development and growth by giving them an opportunity to...more
Volunteer Placement Areas:
While working at these project locations, volunteers encounter natural and scenic beauties of these places along...more
Volunteer Holiday & Safaris:
Take advantage of effort towards charity, join affordable budget safari after or before your volunteer work with…more

Access Aid  Mission (Aim), is a Kenya Voluntary Support Project for Community Development, under Certificate number  No.OP218/051/2007/0423/4857, is a non-profit  community-based Voluntary Project  whose mission is to connect International Volunteers with the local needy communities and  provide volunteer placement opportunity as well as designing  Service-learning Programs that engage students ,Interns,social workers and Non-professional individuals with the needy rural and Slum communities in Kenya.
Volunteers help local organizations to achieve...read more.

Volunteer internship

Many people would like to go abroad to find something very important to do,and at the same time break away from boredom of the surrounding,regular employment,harsh weather etc, without spending a lot of money on tour and travels.

This is an opportunity to volunteer on life changing programs while you as a volunteer build your capacity and skills on different positive life changing projects.

You will afford to have a holiday at a cheaper cost,venture into multi-cultural interraction and become tolerant of different tribal traditions to co-exist with various communities in the global family.

For the many people who want to volunteer abroad or have a holiday at a modest cost,and yet do not have any program/project in mind to come and participate in,we provide free guidance and orientation on your plans to travel to kenya and take part in the most rewarding programs,both to you,the host community and the organization.

Automatic volunteer benefits

-A volunteer gets a budget holiday at a comparatively cheaper cost after the volunteer work in community based programs...read more



VOLUNTEER WORK OPPORTUNITIESVolunteer Teaching | Health Internship | Volunteer with Children | Volunteer in Hiv/Aids Program | Community Sustainable Projects | Environmental Conservation

Uzima Children & Community Center

Uzima children center is in the heart of Abimbo village in Western Nyanza.It was initiated in 2006 to offer uzima centersupport for the orphaned and the vulnerable children in the surrounding villages.Here,there are children from broken families who are abused and tortured by this act of seperation.Some children have suffered physical violence,are stigmatized and feel secluded.

-Currently, more than forty children are directly supported by the Uzima children Support project...read more


Challenge Africa(CA)
CA is a Charity that works in partnership with AIM to support the vulnerable children at Uzima Support Center in the Western Kenya Community..

Government of Kenya,Ministry{District level}:
The Ministry of Education,Health and the Children’s Department

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